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Planning your stay in Bern

Where can I get information about Bern and the Univeristy of Bern?

Have a look at the homepage of the University of Bern and browse the brochure "Studying at the University of Bern" (english, deutsch) to get familiar with the University of Bern. Specific information for incoming students is provided by the Welcome Centre of the University of Bern. The homepage of Bern tourism provides a lot of useful information about the everyday life in Bern.

How can I find accommodation/housing in Bern?

The student's organisation of the University of Bern (SUB) helps you with finding suitable accommodation for the time you study in Bern. Check their website (in German) or write them an email (German or English). This service is free of charge for students who are matriculated at the University of Bern. If you are not yet matriculated consider subscribing for a SUB Dienstleistungs-Abo (CHF 25.- for half a year). There is a couple of other websites where you can find accommodation:

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