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Bern is at the cutting edge of research on climate and climate impacts. The climate research group has been built on a long tradition of an excellent network of units and faculty, and on outstanding educational and research facilities. Scientists at the University of Bern undertake the leadership in international climate research programmes and prestigious research projects.

Bern is a focal point for international networks and hosts the IGBP-Past Global Changes Project Office. Take this opportunity to join scholars from around the world.

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Pioneers in Climate Research at the University of Bern

Hans Oeschger (1927 – 1998) accomplished milestone work on 14C, polar ice cores and rapid changes ("Dansgaard-Oeschger events").

Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research
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Eduard Brückner (1862 – 1927) is a pioneer of the Ica Age theory and climate variability.

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Heinrich Wild (1833 – 1902) installed the first meteorological network in Switzerland and for the czar in Russia.

Rudolf Wolf (1816 – 1893) observed sunspots and defined the "relative sunspot number".

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