Internship, practicum: Guidelines

(Studies programme 11, Art. 10)

M.Sc. students can undertake a 30 ECTS practicum external to their department (host institution where they write the master thesis) with the aim of (i) obtaining practical insight into an area of potential professional importance, (ii) work in a lab with complementary expertise, or (iii) to prepare for a Ph.D. project (in the 4th semester). The practicum must have a demonstrated added value to your curriculum (or to the master thesis).

In the case of a 30 ECTS practicum, the master thesis is reduced from 60 to 30 ECTS. 30 ECTS is the equivalent to 18 – 20 weeks full time (100% rate).

The place and work program has to be discussed (agreement) with the host, the principal supervisor of your master thesis, and to be approved by the studies director. Obviously you need to have decided in which group (which supervisor) you will write the master thesis before you can enrol for the practicum.

How to proceed

  • Develop an idea and discuss it with your supervisor (best you bring along the guidelines that the supervisor knows what you are talking about).
  • Contact the potential host, explore options.
  • Contact the Deputy Studies Director;
  • Refine the idea and write a short proposal (see below).
  • Send the proposal to the studies director (for approval).
  • Enjoy your internship and write a final report (is part of the practicum). This report is delivered to your host and to your supervisor. After consultation with the host, the supervisor decides whether the internship has been "passed" and can be accounted for the curriculum.
  • The report is sent to the studies director (for validation in KSL/CTS) and finally sent back to the candidate.

Proposal (1 – max. 2 pages)

  • Host, address, responsible person.
  • Start and end date.
  • Name of your master thesis supervisor.
  • Goals of the practicum: short description of activities, expectations, learning goals.
  • Signature of your master thesis supervisor.

Practicum Report

The report does not have a standard format. It should provide insight into your activities and what you have learned and be informative enough for the host and supervisor to approve the internship (no grade will be given). The typical length is 5 – 15 pages.