Application | Registration

Admission to the MSc Climate Sciences program is based on

  • your (online) registration with the University of Bern. All candidates for the MSc Climate Sciences program must be registered.
  • your application (documents and interview) for the Graduate School of Climate Sciences. An evaluation of your application will be sent to the Admissions Office of the Univ. Bern; they will inform you officially regarding the admission.

Note that the documents to be provided (see Factsheet of the Faculty of Sciences) may contain both information for your registration and the application, depending on where you have gained your bachelors degree. The application and registration procedure is described on our homepage and in the admission guidelines. Further information is available on the webpages of the admissions office of the University of Bern.

Yes. Applications are received and evaluated if 150 ECTS are completed and certified (typically in the 6th semester) at the date of application. The BSc certificate can follow later.

In the case that the Bachelor's certificate is not available at the beginning of the semester (which may be the case for several Swiss universities), the MSc program may be started anyway. This intermediate status is restricted to one semester only.

A Bachelor of Science degree (BSc, university level, 180 ECTS, major subject in natural sciences, equivalent to three years full-time study in any field of natural sciences or engineering of a university) or an equivalent or higher university degree is necessary for admission. A Bachelor of Arts (BA) in History and Economics opens the admission for the specializations in "Economics" and "Economic, Social and Environmental History". The bachelor degree must not be older than 10 years.

For administrative reasons, you need to indicate a specialization when registering. Please indicate a preliminary, most suitable choice at this stage. The final specialization will be determined by the choice of the master thesis and your personal curriculum, in agreement with your supervisor and the studies coordinator.

No. The applicants for the MSc in Climate Sciences program are exempt from the German Language Test. Courses at the Graduate School of Climate Sciences are generally given in English. However, for the everyday life in Bern basic knowledge of German is helpful.

Courses at the Graduate School of Climate Sciences are given in English or, depending on the audience, in German. Proficient skills in English (oral, written and reading) corresponding to CEF level C1 are required. Students with CEF level B2 are also admitted to the programme, but with the obligation to reach CEF level C1 within the first year. The master thesis is usually written in English, training in scientific writing and scientific presentations in English are part of the compulsory courses.

According to Art. 10.5 of the Program of Studies 2011, professional experience of at least 2 years duration (full time equivalents) in an area relevant to the program of studies may, upon request and at the absolute discretion of the Graduate School Commission, count as a 30 ECTS-credit internship. Such a request has to be made prior to the start of the studies. You are asked to state your intention of writing such a request in the course of the admission interview at the latest.