Admission MSc Climate Sciences

Candidates for the MSc Climate Sciences program are kindly asked to read up about the requirements and follow the registration / appliation steps carefully.


Requirements regarding your individual academic qualifications and your English language level must be met for a successful application. You may apply for the MSc program as soon as you have completed 150 ECTS (5 semesters) during your BSc studies. See the Factsheet MSc Climate Sciences below for details.

Registration / Application dossier

All candidates have to be registered with the Admissions Office of the University of Bern. Registration is provided online; registration and application fees apply.
Candidates prepare an application dossier, including a motivation letter, a CV and further documents depending on whether their BSc diploma is or will be issued by the University of Bern, a Swiss or an international University. Detailed information on how to proceed with the registration and application is found in the Factsheet MSc Climate Sciences below. Please follow the instructions carefully.

Assessment and Acceptance

Acceptance to the Graduate School of Climate Sciences is conditional on a positive evaluation of your application dossier and an interview.
As a rule, the average grade (weighted according to ECTS credits) should be “good”. In general, the grades considered are worth 150 ECTS credits or more.
The interview is held in person (or by video call) according to the admission guidelines (see below) and takes place as soon as the application dossier has been received. This is typically in May for the autumn semester and in December for spring semester. Depending on your scientific background, additional course requirements can be imposed up to a maximum of 60 ECTS credits.
You will be informed about the final assessment by the Admissions Office of the University of Bern; successful candidates will receive a Letter of Acceptance to the Graduate School of Climate Sciences.

For all questions and advice regarding admission, please contact the studies coordinator: Peter Stucki, Tel. +41 31 631 31 46,

See also the information about residence, finances, etc. in our FAQ section.

Note that the Graduate School of Climate Sciences does not grant scholarships and cannot arrange employments.