Internship, practicum: guidelines

(Regulations based on Articles 15.3 and 19 of the studies program Climate Sciences 2018)

In the standard curriculum of the MSc Climate Sciences program, the research project lasts one year and is completed with a master thesis of 60 ECTS. Alternatively, these 60 ECTS can be divided into an internship and a master thesis of 30 ECTS.
The internship of 30 ECTS corresponds to around 900 working hours or 6 months working time, including holidays. The aim of the internship is to gain a practical insight into a possible professional environment or to enable an exchange with an external research group or a specialized lab.
The place, timing and work program of the internship have to be agreed on by the potential host of the internship and the principal supervisor of the 30-ECTS master thesis. In addition, the planning of the remaining coursework and thesis writing (e.g. compulsory courses like the Master Thesis Workshop) must be agreed on with the studies directorate. The internship must be approved by the studies director in advance and based on a written proposal, and a final report must be submitted for grading.
Upon request, professional experience of at least two years in a field relevant to the studies may be accounted towards an internship.

How to proceed

  • Develop an idea and discuss it with your supervisor.
  • Contact potential hosts, explore options.
  • Contact the studies director or studies coordinator; discuss potential options for your remaining coursework.
  • Refine the idea and write a short proposal (see below).
  • Have the proposal signed by the internship host and the future thesis supervisor.
  • Send the proposal to the studies director for approval.
  • Enjoy your internship.
  • Write the final report (see below).
  • Send the report to the studies director for approval, and to your host and your supervisor for information.
  • The studies director enters the grade (‘attended’) for the internship in KSL..


The proposal sets the framework for your internship. It must be short (two pages maximum) and contain the following items:

  • Host: address, responsible person
  • Name of your master thesis supervisor
  • Start and end date of the internship
  • Goals and objectives of the internship: short description of activities, expectations, learning outcomes.
  • Planning of your remaining coursework and thesis writing.
  • Signature of your master thesis supervisor and the future host



The report does not have a standard format. It should provide insight into your activities and what you have learned and be informative enough for the host and supervisor, and for the studies director to approve the internship. The typical length is 5 – 10 pages.