Six reasons to study Climate Sciences in Bern

There are many reasons to study Climate Sciences in Bern! Here, we present six key reasons.


Coping with climate change requires experts with a holistic and international view. For instance, climate economists should have a clue about natural sciences, and vice versa.
  • You are trained to be rooted in one specific field, but also to think outside the box.
  • You interact in an open-minded, international environment.
  • The supervising committee of your master thesis project may be a team of professors from two or more disciplines.
  • Switzerland hosts international organizations such as the United Nations, which presents opportunities for our students

The curriculum MSc Climate Sciences offers a choice of 52 ECTS as elective courses. These range from social sciences to economics to natural sciences and provide a great opportunity to tailor your personal profile. You are explicitely asked to complement and deepen your knowledge with high-quality coursework in and outside your current field of competence.

Our classes are small; around 25 to 35 students per year. This facilitates individual coaching and guidance throughout your studies, and it stimulates exchange of ideas among fellow students with a diverse background.

The reputation of the Oeschger Centre is based on pioneering ice core analyses. Today, our faculty scientists explore many more aspects of climate change.
  • They analyze multiple proxies of past climates.
  • They build socio-economic or physical models to assess future climate responses and impacts.
  • They are authors of the IPCC report.
  • And, they still core the oldest ice on the planet

The main building of the University of Bern is a few steps from the train station. Research institutes are within walking distance, and in a very lively city district. Over 17000 students have made Bern their home.

Opportunities for outdoor activities are abundant in and around Bern. The Aare river is virtually at your feet for a lunch-time swim. Nearby lakes, the Emmental and the Alps await you for water sports, cycling, or hiking, and fantastic snow sports are within a 1-hour train ride.